Using Video to Train Team Members

Video is a powerful tool to use to train your work teammates. How many of us learn by watching rather than reading?

Recently I started using a great tool called Loom. It allows you to create high-quality videos rapidly where you can share your screen with other team members. To use Loom, all you need is a microphone and video camera (optional) to create your videos. Loom creates a video of your screen and puts a small picture of you in the bottom corner. You can use a simple webcam like you can purchase on Amazon to create your videos. The microphone on the webcam is all you need, but the video is a nice addition.

As you begin creating videos, they are saved at Loom. You can send a link to the videos to your team members so they can store the library for future use – when the questions come up.

As an example, I created a short video – how to clear your browser cookies in Chrome. Often, when speaking with computer support, you are asked to do this. Use the rectangle at the bottom right corner to expand the video to full screen.

Loom to train team members

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