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After graduating from college, I worked for 2 CPA firms – one a local CPA, and another a national firm. In these positions, I learned double entry accounting and auditing.

Since then I have set up many accounting systems over the years using a variety of software packages. I recently converted an older accounting system to a new one over a weekend and was able to seamlessly convert all previous data to the new systems. I also have created many custom reports for the various accounting systems including commission reports, just in time inventory ordering, obsolete inventory, and other valuable reports.

Accounting controls

In small business with limited personnel, companies are often not protected from internal theft. My experience can help in setting up simple procedures to increase internal accounting controls.

Accounting for profit and loss

Watching the company’s profitability is an important management strategy that can’t be avoided. During the 35+ years that I ran my company, I monitored the profitability on a monthly basis. Although every month was not profitable due to seasonal and many other factors, every year was profitable since I began the company. I can help you create a strategy to plan and monitor the profitability factors. I created a model that I called my monthly “nut” which estimated all my expenses, and the level of sales needed based on markups, and other factors. This model was effective in planning and adding personnel, and most financial decisions.

Cloud computing

Software and systems have been moving to the cloud with regularity. Whether it is a server or email or spam control or offsite backup, I have experience with using and moving applications to the cloud.

Computer networking

Your computer network ties your team together. If the network is not robust and operating correctly, it can cause lots of grief. I have set up many networks and have vast experience with LANs, firewalls, switches, routers, wireless access points and bridges, NAS’s, and backups.

Computer virtualization

The trend the last few years is to move your servers from dedicated hardware to virtual machines and the cloud. At my previous company, I moved most of our servers to virtual servers, but kept them on premise for cost savings. Whether you want to move your servers from dedicated hardware to the cloud or local on premise servers, I can help with that.

Ecommerce website

Since commerce is rapidly moving online, it’s important to have an ecommerce strategy if that is needed for your organization. I have implemented several ecommerce websites including automated bulk inventory imports, automated daily updates and linking the website to the accounting system for real-time inventory.

Fraud Prevention

It’s a well kept secret that many small to medium businesses are victims of fraud, both from inside and out. I have experience in designing accounting controls to prevent internal fraud. Also, I have much experience with battling fraud from web and phone orders. A fraudulent transaction can cause you to lose a huge amount of your yearly profits in a short time frame.

Interim CEO

Does your company need an interim leader to step in and manage all aspects of the business? I’m available on a short-term basis to fill that position until a permanent hire can be made.

Interim CFO

Does your company need an interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to step in and manage your accounting and finance? I’m available on a short-term basis to fill that position until a permanent hire can be made.

Interim CIO

Does your company need an interim Chief Information Officer (CIO) to step in and manage your information technology? I’m available on a short-term basis to fill that position until a permanent hire can be made.

IT infrastructure

Does your IT infrastructure need improvement? I have set up various network systems including Windows servers and Linux servers. My expertise is with servers, network cabling and switches, POE switches, VOIP phone systems, Windows and MAC and Linux clients, NAS’s, SAN’s, wireless access points, wireless bridges to connect different buildings, automated backups, firewalls, and everything IT.

Marketing with social media

Are you leveraging social media to grow your business? This includes Facebook, Instagram, and others. Is your website linked to social media? Do you have a social media strategy? Do you have a social media champion in your organization? Is your staff using LinkedIn?

Online advertising with Google and Facebook

You can proactively bring in customers via a planned ad budget with Google AdWords and Facebook advertising. Google AdWords is an extremely complex system that can be finetuned to better use your advertising budget to generate leads; on the alternative, it can be a waste of money if the ads are not targeted properly.

Personnel and hiring

The team you hire is critical to your success. Your company is your people. If you need help finding or interviewing applicants, I can help. Also, I can offer a second, unbiased, opinion on a candidate. I have interviewed and hired hundreds of people.


Do you have tough problems that need another pair of eyes to look at? I am a problem solver and like to use innovative techniques to solve tough problems. I have a unique ability to look at situations and create the simplest solution to difficult problems.

Sales automation

One of my goals in the customer satisfaction area is to provide great products and service to my customers. To this end, I think a CRM (customer relationship manager) is essential to keep track of the sales process and customer interaction. When the computer system is networked, then the entire team can access that customer information in real-time.


Have you considered and audited your physical and network security? For physical security. there are important considerations in your office in terms of burglar and fire alarms, video surveillance systems, access control systems, and other physical security issues. Besides the physical security aspects, the online threat is growing every day. Companies are shut down on a daily basis due to malware and ransomware attacks. Is your firewall and network secure? Do you have email spam and malware filtering plan?

Software selection

Your business software is critical to your efficiency and success. As a former employee commented when he joined my company, “the company is so automated and computerized compared to my previous job – it makes my job much easier”. I have selected and implemented various business software including CRM systems, sales quoting systems, calendars, time tracking systems, intranets, firewalls, email systems, accounting systems, website software, and various other software. I have also developed software for accounting and sales quoting systems in the past.

Software setup

Besides software selection, I have implemented many software packages both individual and networked across the company. For networked operation, I have set up SQL server backends to support companywide CRM and accounting packages. With software setup, there is also conversion involved and I have converted many files systems between systems such as converting a dBase system to an SQL system.

Time Management and Organization

As a long devoted practitioner of David Allen’s Getting Things Done method of time management and organization, I can help you get organized and streamline your time management so that you can accomplish more in less time. When you encounter tasks (emails, calls, todo’s, etc), if you follow the GTD method it frees your mind of tedious details to concentrate on the important decisions.

Website maintenance

I have designed and maintained various websites using WordPress and other CMS systems. Your website is your face on the world so it’s important to keep it up-to date and maintained.

Website strategy

Your website is key to your success. You need a modern-looking, effective website to promote your company to the best effect. In addition to a great website, you need to learn strategies to promote the website through Google and Facebook ads to bring customers to your door.