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Bob Gillman

Bob Gillman is a business consultant in Dallas and is available to help with your business challenges. He is a business executive with 30+ years of business experience. He has started three successful small businesses and sold them. Before starting his own businesses, he worked as a pioneer in the computer industry with CompuServe, then Electronic Data Systems, and Insource, which was a precursor to the internet. Graduating from Brown University, he learned accounting systems working for a national CPA firm.

How May I Help You?

There are many areas of business that I have years of experience to share with you.


I have vast experience with PCs and computer systems and software. With expertise in Windows, MAC and Linux, I can help with virtually any IT/PC type challenges.

Sales and sales automation

Automate your sales process to increase sales and bring better efficiency to the sales organization, better customer service, and better experience for your customers.


Streamline your business processes to provide a better operational experience for your team. Eliminate redundant activities and focus on what matters to the customers.

Work With Me

Call or email me to schedule a free introductory call or meeting to discuss your needs, and I can ascertain whether I can help you or not.